Why consider ECU Remapping?

The performance of the engine in your vehicle is restricted by the manufacturer for several reasons.

They have to make sure that the vehicle will function correctly if the owner does not have the vehicle serviced at the recommended intervals.

They also create a range of vehicles using the same engine in different levels of tune to compete in different markets.

They limit power to fit into insurance groups and to control CO2 emissions for tax bandings for fleet buyers.

They have to make sure the vehicle will function correctly in other areas of the world where fuel quality is not as high as in the UK. They also need to work in areas suffering from extreme climates.

Most modern vehicles can be remapped through the on board diagnostic (OBD) port inside the vehicle. We are equipped with state-of-the-art remapping equipment that makes this possible in a safe and controlled way.

We take a read of the setting held on your vehicle's ECU and send this information to Viezu Technologies who will then make the necessary adjustments to these settings to produce your desired results

Viezu will optimise the settings for your vehicle to produce an increase in power and torque with a smoother power delivery and improved responsiveness and/or improvements in economy.

Then the new settings are sent back to us to upload onto the vehicle's ECU.

The whole process takes around 2 hours on average.