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Performance and Economy ECU Remapping

Boost performance and response with Peak Performance Tuning Unleashing the true potential of your car. We can provide you with fantastic increases in performance and response or economy by rewriting the files in your carís ECU

Why choose Peak Performance Tuning?

With years of experience in ECU remapping and chip tuning, Peak Performance Tuning have joined forces with Viezu Technologies. Viezu produce custom remapped tuning files that will produce the improved performance and/or economy you require for your vehicle.

Mobile Service from Peak Performance Tuning

We offer a mobile service at your home or place of work, covering the East Midlands, West Midlands and Yorkshire.

We are equipped with the most up-to-date ECU remapping equipment and the latest software. We can tune all vehicle types, including those with petrol or diesel engines. Our service is ideal for Private Vehicles, Fleets, Taxis, Couriers, Commercial Vehicles, Vehicles used for Towing. You will also receive a seven day money back guarantee, so you will be able to see the benefits for yourself with no risk. We have comprehensive insurance which is underwritten by a major insurer and we even offer you a guarantee on our remaps for as long as you own your vehicle so you can be sure youíre receiving the very best in ecu remapping

Services we offer

We offer you the very best custom mobile ECU Remapping, engine tuning and chip tuning service for your petrol or diesel engined vehicle.

We can produce the correct level of tune to suit your vehicle and the type of driving you usually do using individually writtem files for your particular vehicle . If you wish to reduce fuel consumption and improve MPG this can be done and the CO2 emissions will be reduced as well. If you wish to increase the power, improve throttle response and power delivery of your vehicle, we will tune the files on your ECU to increase bhp and torque outputs while keeping all settings within safe tolerances stipulated by the manufacturer of the vehicle.

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